Borough of Woodlynne

Location: Municipal Building, 200 Cooper Avenue, Woodlynne, New Jersey 08107

Phone Number:  (856) 962-8300

From the 1993 Community Information Guide:

HISTORY OF WOODLYNNE The historical roots of Woodlynne begin in 1681 when Mark Newbie, Sharp, Zane, Thackara and others came to the New World. They sailed from Dublin in “Ye Owners Adventure,” a fishing boat.

These men had purchased in England, settlement rights covering the Third and fourth Tenths, called the “Irish Tenths”; now Gloucester, Camden and Atlantic Counties.

With most of their lands held jointly, Newbie pledged 350 acres of his land, now Woodlynne, to secure his bank currency. Upon his death and the death of his one son named Nathaniel, all properties went to Gabriel, who devised it to his son John. John Newbie conveyed all property other than Woodlynne in 1764 to the Samuel Coopers. Samuel Cooper was grandfather of Joseph B. Cooper, who received the land by Will in 1811, and built the mansion in 1817, the birthplace of Charles M. Cooper.

Our chief pride and sentimental ties to past generations is the Cooper Mansion. This brick house stood alone in the center of a plantation of 110 acres. Its charm and beautiful scenery continued through its development as Woodlynne Park,

Charles M. Cooper, joined his cousin Rebecca H. Cooper, mortgagee, in sale of the property to Howard C. Walton, April 11, 1892 for the sum of $80,000. The land later reconveyed to the New Camden Land and Improvement Company. The company filed a map in 1893 after a re-survey and street layout under the name Wood-lynne with Fisler and Walton, General Agents. These men, with other prominent men of Camden, comprised the Company. In September 1894 the Woodlynne Park Association was incorporated.

William S. Scull, who owned all land fronting on Mt. Ephraim Avenue to Maple Avenue and extending from Ferry Avenue to the Creek, was also president of the Camden Horse Railroad. We find the Horse Railroad in control of most areas, Chestnut to Linden and Woodlynne to the Creek.

Woodlynne Park opened a public amusement center on June 22, 1895. By 1897 the instant success of the Park and sale of lots had focused attention of real estate men upon Woodlynne. On February 27, 1897, Charles M. Cooper, repurchased about one-third for $40,000, all land east of Linden Avenue. Woodlynne Park was at the height of its popularity and grandeur. Few realize this park which closed in September 1914 had been in operation for 19 years as one of the largest enterprises. By this time the control of the trolley lines and management of the Park had passed to Public Service. During its life, the Park’s entertainment included the best bands, orchestras, stage plays and vaudeville, with daily attendance reaching 3,000 people. Visitors to the Park walked from Ferry Avenue and Second Street.

The Borough of Woodlynne was incorporated on March 19, 1901. Borough officials were elected as of April 8, 1901. R.A. Rockhill the Borough Clerk, came here as an early park manager, became one of the most active builders.

The growing community brought a need for schools, street paving changes in Second Street and Clay Avenue with its pending second trolley leading to the Park.

The first school was established and dedicated on October 28, 1901. It was a one-story frame structure which contained two rooms and faced Linden Avenue. In 1912 we experienced an overflow of children and the school was held in the church building located at Woodlynne and Cedar Avenues. During that year a new four-room brick school was built next to the original frame building, including what is now the center part of the present school facing Front Street. In 1927 an additional four rooms were constructed on the Elm Avenue side. The first Public Library was placed in the basement room of the school in 1922.

The year 1956 will always be remembered, an apparent defective oil burner destroyed the center section of the school and damaged most of the building. In the reconstruction, two classrooms, a kitchen and an auditorium-gymnasium were added.

The school at present consists of 21 rooms, pre-kindergartens, 2 kindergartens in addition to grades from one through eight. Grades nine through twelve are provided by our neighboring Borough of Collingswood.

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