Trash Pick-up

Woodlynne Highway Department is requesting that all residents drain all liquids from their trash/recycling and place lids on containers. This will eliminate a considerable amount of unpleasant liquid being spilled on our roadways. We have received numerous complaints from residents about the liquid left in the streets after the trash truck clears their trash/recycling. All residents should be aware that OSHA requires a drain hole on all refuse trucks to protect workers from potentially dangerous liquids. The men work hard to collect your trash in a safe and professions manner and, at no time, maliciously spill liquid into the street. Hazardous materials cannot be placed into the trash stream.

No paint. No construction material. No tires. No leaves or grass. No toxic. Waste.



Help Woodlynne Recycle. Did you know that, the more that we recycle, it helps us to keep our taxes down? The more that we recycle, the more money the Borough receives from the State. Not only will it help us to keep our tax dollars down – remember: IT’S THE LAW TO RECYCLE! If you need a recycling container, you can pick one up at Borough Hall or call 856.962.8300, ext. 214.